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Medical Cannabis Workgroup Meeting December 5th


A Special Meeting of the Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup is happening today at 2:30 pm EST!

The Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup will be holding a special meeting by Zoom at 2:30 PM EST on December 5, 2023. 

After the previous Sub-Committee hearing, find out more about that here, the vote went forward to recommend that the list of qualifying conditions from the Governor’s Executive Order be added to SB-47. Now we’ll see whether the Workgroup and Medical Cannabis Program vote to pass on those recommended conditions to the Legislature. 

You can join in the meeting by clicking the Zoom link below and tuning in!

Meeting ID: 850 0626 2253 

Passcode: 889661 

Questions or Problems? You can contact Shelby Lewis at 502-564-7033.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in the action, and the legalization of Cannabis in Kentucky and tune in!

Want to support our advocacy and educational work? Consider donating to our Patreon Here! It’s only a couple of dollars a month, and helps us put gas in the tank to meet with legislators, print educational materials, and continue our work to advocate for Medical Patients and Cannabis Reform in Kentucky.


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