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Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup Recommend Conditions to Legislature

Yesterday, December 5th, the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup voted unanimously to recommend to the legislature, that the medical conditions from the Governor’s Executive Order be added to the list of qualifying conditions for the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program. 

Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup Meeting
Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup Meeting

Now the recommendation is planned to be sent to the legislature. It’ll be up to them to officially add the conditions, but there is a strong likelihood that they will. Not only to help hundreds of thousands more medical patients, but because of simple common sense.

Already we’ve seen a huge amount of confusion between the Governor’s Pardon and the potential to receive a license for medical cannabis patients. Syncing the program with the Executive Order would reduce confusion to the public and aid law enforcement in the clarity of the law when trying to monitor legal and illegal cannabis.

As a refresher, the Governor’s Executive Order allows an individual who has a qualifying condition, certified by a doctor or physician, who has legally bought cannabis in another state, and still has the receipt and product in the original container, to receive a pardon. This means that an individual will have to be charged, go to court, found guilty, and then possibly receive a pardon. Depending on which Governor is in office however at the time the case concludes, this is not a guarantee. Again, this is a pardon after conviction, not a license to possess and prevent legal trouble.

The upcoming Medical Cannabis Licenses, which will allow medical patients to possess certain quantities of Medical Cannabis, purchased in the state of Kentucky, have not been released yet. 

Beware of businesses advertising “Medical Cannabis Licenses” and protection for medical patients as of December 6th 2023. They are selling qualifying condition certifications, and will not legally protect you from arrest, prosecution, or incarceration. They will only certify that you have a qualifying condition for the Governor’s Executive Order.

When the licensing process for Medical patients opens, it will be available on the MedCann website here.

Want to support our advocacy and educational work? Consider donating to our Patreon Here! It’s only a couple of dollars a month, and helps us put gas in the tank to meet with legislators, print educational materials, and continue our work to advocate for Medical Patients and Cannabis Reform in Kentucky.


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