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Bluegrass Cannabis 4/20 Giveaway

It’s that Magical Time of Year & For 4/20 we’re doing a Bluegrass Cannabis Giveaway! We wanted to give back to our community who's supported us this last year by giving away some swag!

One Entry is three chances to win a Bluegrass Cannabis T Shirt, Embroidered Ball Cap, or Rolling Tray!

What do you have to do to enter?

1. Message us or email us at with a screenshot showing you’ve subscribed to our podcast on Itunes, Spotify, or Youtube.

2. Share this link or one of our Giveaway posts on social media!

Thank you again to all of our listeners for your support for Bluegrass Cannabis, The Bluegrass Podcast, and Our Advocacy! We appreciate you and wish you a fantastic 4/20!!!

Winners Announced 4/27 at 4:20pm, You've got until then to enter!


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