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How do we Advocate?

Many pages will tell you "We Support Cannabis! We support Patients!

But they never quite get around to explaining how they do that.

From speaking with Community groups, to advocating in Frankfort with Legislators, to our podcast, changing the conversation around Kentucky Cannabis to a patient and small farm first perspective, we want an open, competiteive, and quality Kentucky Cannabis Marketplace.

How does Bluegrass Podcast Support the Bluegrass?


Advocating for SB-47

Advocating for SB-47, Kentucky's first Medical Cannabis bill, every week in the 2023 Legislative Session in Frankfort

with Kentucky Moms and Dads For Medical Cannabis.

courier journal oped cover 23.jpg

Op-Ed in Courier Journal

Will legal cannabis be for Kentuckians, or for pharmaceuticals at the expense of Kentucky?

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