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Bluegrass in more ways than one!

Every episode we feature a Bluegrass, Country, or Folk Musician/Band!

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Musical Guests

"Johnson City, Tennessee. Born in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains & raised on DIY punk house shows, Jacob Moore is a songwriter with more than just a fire in his belly."

jacob danielsen moore.jpg

"Folk musician currently residing in Asheville, NC. Appalachia on my mind..."

jon charles dwyer.jpg

"Kassi Valazza’s songs are reminiscent of her childhood growing up in the vast open spaces of Arizona. Her lyrics portray dark stories of the West and a yearning for home, while the music rides a thin line of country western and psych."

kassi valazza 2.jpeg

"Many artists are defined by place, but only a handful of artists come to define the places they’re from. The Local Honeys are Kentucky and Kentucky runs through their veins like an unbridled racehorse. When a master songsmith like Tom T. Hall calls an artist “a great credit to a wonderful Kentucky tradition” it’s time to pull up a chair and pay attention. As it pertains to The Local Honeys he was right on the money. For almost a decade the duo (Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs) have been an integralpart of the Kentucky musicscape."

the local honeys.jpg

Zach Pack is an incredible Oklahoma based Country and Folk Musician! 

If you haven't caught him travelling and playing music across the midwest, and southwest, you're missing out!

Zach Pack Profile 1.jpg

"With his vintage country voice & narrative lyrics, Alex Teller creates music that’s as honest & authentic as the artist himself. Born in Florida, and raised in the suburbs of Long Island New York, Alex moved to Michigan at 19 where he found a jackpot of traditional songs through his deep love for Jerry Garcia & the music of The Grateful Dead. Teller soon started a solo career playing shows & began diving deep into traditional Folk music & the sounds that inspired him the most. Endless nights studying & transcribing the works of writers like Bob Dylan, John Prine & Townes Van Zandt turned into a whole new wave of inspiration & songwriting."

alex teller 1.jpg

I’m Zach Bryson.
I write songs and sing them.
I live in Nashville, TN.
I try and play around the country as much as I can so keep an eye out for me!
If you want me to come play in your town just shoot me a message!
Thanks for listening!  

Zach Bryson.jpg

There’s a sound the Shenandoah River makes as it rumbles over old stones in the shallows. It sings songs the way they used to be – plain and honest. No frills, buckle that belt before you head to the hills and hollers. It’s there under a Virginia moon that you’ll find the Low Water Bridge Band.

low water bridge band.webp
graham good and the painters.jpg

Graham Good is hailed as the Messiah of Modern Rock (Nick Stock, due to his infectious energy and classic song writing. Specializing in Feel-Good//Funk-Folk-Rock, this group touches on a plethora of genres that help make them an easy band for any new fan to instantly connect with. The band has played iconic Denver venues such as Red Rocks, The Ogden, The Gothic, and The Bluebird opening up for acts such as Caamp, Andy Frasco, Satsang, and Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. The Painters are a band of trained musicians who aim to pull the heartstrings of their audiences to step up and live life fully. This band is the ultimate feel good experience and perfect for any private party or festival lineup

Beargrass Media LLC d.b.a Beargrass Thunder is a media company & native plant nursery based in the neighborhood of Smoketown - Louisville, KY. The company was founded by Jody Dahmer, Richard Stottman, and Mariah Corso in October of 2018 starting out as a podcast/YouTube channel, and eventually evolved into what it is today! We will always stay true to our goal of helping people connect with and improve their local environment and communities.

beargrass thunder.jpg

"Sherita Perez is a unique singer-songwriter that creates memorable songs from authentic experiences with a heart-felt sound that draws listeners into the moment. People say her voice echoes the styles of Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Dolly Parton. Although her roots lie in Texas, she continues to grow and cultivate her music style on the road, as she remains down to earth while blasting off into outer space."

sherita perez.jpg
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