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HB 829 Cannabis Restriction Law Passes Out of the House

HB 829 Unfortunately passed out of the House yesterday on a 66-30 Vote. During the discussion on the house floor, many committee members also expressed growing reservations on the bill from their votes passing the bill out of committee. 

Bill sponsor and House Majority Whip Jason Nemes (R) is the sponsor of the bill. We’ve been covering this bill as it’s moved through the house and the increased cost and difficulties that will arise for medical patients, should this bill pass. 

It’s unfortunate to see the bill pass out of the House, a bill further restricting what has been called the most restrictive cannabis bill in the United States.

Currently the Senate has yet to hear Senator West’s Cannabis bill which has been assigned to the Standing Senate Committee on Health Services. His Bill, SB 337, would grow the list of the approved medical conditions for the medical cannabis program, after the recommendation was made by the Medical Cannabis Program itself. 

If you’d like to help stop this bill, call your State Senator at 1-800-372-7181, and tell them to vote no on HB829. 

You can search and find them here.


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