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About Elijah

Host of The Bluegrass Podcast, Owner Bluegrass Cannabis

Elijah Rosenbaum Kentucky Cannabis Advocacy in Frankfort with Bluegrass Cannabis
Elijah Rosenbaum with Cannabis Plant in the field farming
Elijah Rosenbaum meeting with Governor Andy Beshear at the SB 47 Signing for Medical Marijuana

Avid porch sitter, farmhand, and Cannabis advocate. 


With 5 years of experience working directly with patients in Illinois during the Medical to Adult use market transition, to apprenticing with Sunshine Cereceda at small Humboldt County, Outdoor and Regenerative farm Sunboldt Farms, to helping legalize medical Cannabis in Kentucky during the ‘23 legislative session. He is also a Board Member of KY Moms and Dads for Medical Cannabis.


Elijah started the Bluegrass Podcast in 2019 after living in Tel Aviv and traveling the middle east getting introduced to hash through new friends. After he got back, he began studying cannabis at NYU, and continued his love into the practical market, first working at High Times Cannabis Cup events and never looking back. 


Currently Elijah is working to get higher quality, more affordable, and more local access for patients, small farms, and Kentuckians through a plant and patient first bill. Not to mention allowing outdoor cannabis, which provides a more diverse terpene and cannabinoid profile than any other cultivation method, as well as being the most environmentally sustainable. While proud to work on SB-47, Kentucky’s first Medical Cannabis Bill, the bill is written with out-of-state MSOs first as we’ve seen in many other states and needs drastic improvement.


Until patients, caregivers, and small farms are able to supply local communities with local cannabis, we will continue to see high price, low quality products flood the shelves like in Illinois, Virginia, and similar states. 


Elijah hopes to one day have his own cultivation center, and move from farmhand to farmer, as well as see at cost cannabis freely available for Kentucky patients in need, grown by Kentucky communities.

As Featured:

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