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Kentucky Senate Hearing HB 829 State and Local Government

Friday April 12th, the Kentucky Senate Committee on State and Local Government, will be meeting at 9 am in the Capitol Annex in Room 131 to discuss and vote on HB 829.

Kentucky Senate HB 829 Hearing March 11 9am
Kentucky Senate HB 829 Hearing March 11 9am

The bill has already passed in the house, with 2 readings on the senate floor already, and with the original House Sponsor Jason Nemes’ Father, Michael Nemes on the Senate Committee the bill has been assigned to, it is all but assured that the bill will pass. 

While previous indications from Rep. Nemes have been positive about the bill’s chances, this will be coming through on the very last day possible for new legislation, and will only add to questions about transparency in the Kentucky legislation. Especially since the Republican Super Majority has ignored the recommendation of the Medical Cannabis Program to add conditions to help additional Kentucky medical patients.

Questions have also circulated due to the legislation’s changes to the medical cannabis program. Not only adding more possible charges for Kentucky Medical Cannabis Patients, allowing private schools to ban Cannabis medication for students, but also adding prioritization of review for existing Kentucky Hemp businesses. 

What prioritizing reviewing Kentucky Hemp businesses in the licensing process means, is not elaborated on in the legislation. This could mean anything from priority in the review que for licensing, or prioritizing access to licensing period. Kentuckians will have to see what these legislative changes will mean for a licensing process not even in effect yet.

If you’d like to call your representative to voice your opinion on HB829 and tell them to Vote No, Call 1-800-372-7181. You can search for your legislator here.


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