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Six Holiday Survival Tips with Cannabis

Welcome to today’s Extral Special Harvest Special Bluegrass Blog! We’re taking the podcast day off for the harvest festivities, but we’ll be back on Tuesday with an extra special guest, talking about korean natural farming in cannabis! You won’t want to miss it!

1. Anxious Dog? Try a CBD treat

Is Fido feeling a little out of sorts because of the onslaught of new people? Even for a friendsgiving? Try an organic, locally made cbd treat. A lot of people especially have found some relief I’ve heard with thunderstorm worriers. Nobody wants to deal with an out of sorts animal in a house full of people. We’ve all seen the movies.

2. Topical for granny after cooking up a storm

Somebody’s arthritis flaring up during a big cooking session for the bird? Try a topical to rub on. If you’re worried about the smell or oil rubbing off on the food, simply wear an easy set of disposable gloves while you’re working and remove them once you’re done. It’s also good for bruises from any antics that may ensue for uncles or cousins. If a relative happens to make some, maybe trade them for something you’ve made the past year in preserves or produce.

3. Leftover Removal

Have a tremendous amount of leftovers? Cannabis can help with that. Light up a great joint and dive in. Why go out early to black friday when you can tuck into the heapingest helpings of holiday delights? There’s nothing like going back for sevenths when all the greatest hits of cooking are on display in front of you. Especially if you’re on a morning to late night run of different thanksgivings. Another meal? If you insist.

4. Letting go and smiling.

One relative in particular pushing your buttons? Sometimes whatever is bugging you, matters less than you think. Or rather, it’s only so many hours. It’s a sprint, not a marathon. As long as you get to the end, you’re golden. Cannabis absolutely helps you with accepting your situation. And who knows, it may also enable you to enjoy it, and not just survive it too. I don’t advocate solving family problems with drugs, but let’s be practical. The family, that’s over 21, that smokes together, stays together too. Maybe a quick kitchen vape session is in order when people step outside?

5. Relaxing after it’s all done and everyone’s left

There’s nothing like kicking back and just enjoying the quiet after a loud holiday. Everyone is in their own separate corners, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the moment. You did it. This is the victory joint. If you feel like it, bring your favorite relative along for a 1 on 1 catch up.

6. Simply being grateful. Pots good at that.

Enjoy the people and the abundance of the season as much as you can! Sometimes just letting it go can do wonders. Even if you don’t like all your relatives, find the ones you can live with, and love them as much as possible. And you never know what the next year can bring.

There won’t be a podcast episode today, we’re taking a harvest time break, but you don’t want to miss Tuesday’s episode! We should be talking with Sunnabis Farms Cultivator Wendy Kornberg! We’re going to be talking about Korean Natural Farming, Community based Cannabis, and her recent growing awards! Don’t miss it this tuesday! Subscribe on itunes, spotify, google podcasts, youtube, or wherever you listen to podcasts to make sure you catch it! Thank you so much for the support and happy holidays!


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