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Legalize Home Grow Cannabis in Kentucky (Open Letter)

Sent to the Courier Journal September 12, 2021

To the Editor,

Working in the legal Cannabis industry in Illinois and California, and looking at the proposals for Cannabis legislation in Kentucky, it’s important to keep sight of the one thing that is essential to any cannabis legislation: the right of all Kentuckians to grow cannabis for personal use.

Not only does this prevent artificial price inflation from limited licensing, but maintains the rights of Kentuckians to have access to quality cannabis as medicine, and as a way of life. Many strains that provide the best medical benefits, don’t provide the yields to satisfy commercial cannabis operators. Plants that may only yield an ounce or two after months of work, while perfect for individuals, don’t have the scale to justify a large business. And yet, those same yields are often the highest quality.

Kentucky Cannabis legislation should support Kentuckians by allowing 15 plants per person 21 and older. Not only is this a practical measure, but a necessary one. To help combat the opioid epidemic with common sense proposals, move towards healthcare aimed at individual agency, as well as allowing individuals to become familiar with the cannabis plant in this new era of post-prohibition.


Elijah Rosenbaum


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