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Kentucky Cannabis Letter to the Gov Episode 17

This Letter Template was referenced in the Bluegrass Cannabis Podcast Episode 17. You can find the episode below

Dear Governor/Representative/Senator X,

My name is [insert here], and I am writing to you today to support cannabis legalization in [Insert state here]. I encourage you to legalize cannabis, in particular by:

Supporting the ability for any individual to grow up to 25 flowering plants for personal consumption. Cannabis in a variety of forms treats a variety of symptoms as one of the best home remedies available. It is not a cure-all, but it is incredibly useful, and no one's business but my own if I choose to use it in my private life. It also allows medical patients a level of independence and quality insurance since they will always care the most if their plants are clean and the correct genetics for their needs.

Let non-violent cannabis offenders out of prison, as well as provide them with support to transition out of being in prison for a crime they never should have been in jail for in the first place. Not only is it immoral, it is impractical. It is a useless drain on tax dollars, and a damage to every family with a loved one in jail.

Support minority owned cannabis businesses, by allowing open craft cannabis licensing for vertically integrated farms up to an acre, but also by taking 15% of state cannabis tax revenue and placing it towards a grant reinvestment program for minority owned businesses, in particular minority owned small farms. I would also request not giving tax breaks and licensing preference to major MSOs and instead focus on Kentuckians, growing cannabis for Kentuckians, in Kentucky.

By doing these three things, you can begin to rectify the harms, and injuries of the War on Drugs. You can also make sure that Kentucky cannabis helps Kentuckians, instead of just making more promises go up in smoke.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name Here


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