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Episode 27 Inndica with Rick and Monique Fitzgerald

This week on the podcast, we were talking with Rick and Monique Fitzgerald of Inndica, and Lazy Turtle. We're talking about their 420 friendly travel guide, travelling in legal states, and more!

[00:00:03.650] - Elijah

And would you all like to talk a little bit how you each got into cannabis originally and maybe a little

about your origin stories and how you got to where you are.

[00:00:14.650] - Rick

Hi, I'm Rick Fitzgerald. I am originally from Virginia out in California for the past twelve years. I am the

CCA, the chief creative officer for lazy turtle group. I'm also the chief Design officer for Merchant

Boxes and I assist Monique and the graphic end for

[00:00:37.330] - Monique

Hi and I'm Monique Jackson Fitzgerald and I am the founder of and we created a

cannabis travel and tourism website for people to explore and experience all things cannabis travel

related. So we are really excited about growing the community and coming together again.

[00:01:00.190] - Rick

Yeah, we moved to California from Virginia in 2010 and that's when I discovered the full on California

cannabis culture and community and realized quickly that it was a plant that I had used for my entire

life and enjoyed my entire life, but didn't realize how much more additional benefits I could get from it.

So when I came out to California in particular, jumped into it and really started to explore the

community, the plant learned a little bit more about what was going on in California on the medical

side and just found that this plant really just was good for me in so many ways, mentally and

physically, and really just dove into it and realized that it was going to be some interesting changes in

the world with California and some of the west coast states coming on board with cannabis. And then

have we seen it go across the country and become both medically and recreationally available to

folks in other states. It's really changing the tides. From that, I realized that there were some ways

that I could help the development of this emerging I guess we can call it an industry or this emerging

space with some of the skill sets that I had from my past, and in particular in branding and packaging,

realized that I could not only potentially make a little living, but also help folks figure out how to

launch their brands through a branding perspective, through their look, their logos, their corporate

identity, their story, and ultimately, their packaging and beyond.

[00:03:03.690] - Rick

So that was kind of my introduction and my stepping into that realm. I'll let Monique talk about her

beginnings in the space, which are completely different but very interesting.

[00:03:18.790] - Monique

Well, I think Rick said a lot of interesting stuff about it. It's interesting when you look back at the

history of the movement and even like when we stepped into it, everything was already mid progress

here in California when we moved here. But we were able to quickly see the benefits of cannabis as

plant medicine, but then also as a cultural aspect and then also as a community builder. So my

experience was a bit more limited in that I'd never really used cannabis before. I moved to California.

So I was an adult for all of my experiences. And so my viewpoint was more from a medicinal

standpoint, more from a lifestyle benefit standpoint, than just younger folks antics, if you will. And so

when we saw the opportunity in California, when things became legal, first in Colorado, and then

starting with California with the medical regulations, and then eventually the recreational side of

things, we really decided to take a look at our lives and how we were living and seeing the benefit that

cannabis had given us. We started brainstorming ideas for how we could use this moment in history,

really, to recreate our path, to forge a new path forward for our futures.

[00:04:44.440] - Monique

And so we really started thinking about what we wanted to do, what we wanted to see out of this new

cannabis community that was being created, and how we could impact it in a beneficial and positive

way. And so that's how we got to where we are today with Indica.

[00:05:02.550] - Elijah

And did either of you all have any trepidation when you first moved out? Or did you move to California,

then look at the cannabis space or move out to California for the cannabis space?

[00:05:14.650] - Monique

So we moved here for completely different reasons. We moved here for professional reasons only.

And so Rick was working as a creative director at a packaging company, and I was working as an

attorney and a litigation consultant. And so when we were using it personally and then when

legalization hit, we were, that's when we decided that these were the opportunities that we wanted to

pursue in the future.

[00:05:41.170] - Elijah

And was there any sort of AHA moment or was it a gradual you saw it, you heard about it, experienced

a little bit, or what was that catalyst to make you all decide to jump in?

[00:05:53.430] - Monique

It was when we saw that what was happening in Colorado with legalization and that it was going to

start here, what we did is, and this is really how Indica came about, is we took a trip to the desert. I

planned out a trip with a bunch of different activities, some mind expanding things for us to do. And

we went out there and we sat in the desert, we looked at the nature and experienced some pretty

impactful moments while we were together out there. And from that came the idea, this vision, if you

will, of creating a community, gathering space, a place for indica, is actually I know we all know the

term indica from cannabis, but the way we defined it and created it was indica with two ends.

Because we wanted this to be a place for lodging, entertainment and foolish talking. So it's a

combination of the word in and DickA. And so for us, it was about creating a place for people to come

and try to not to replicate our experience, but to find out what their experience was going to be, to find

something that spoke to them in the same way in the same way that they could envision a new future


[00:07:12.450] - Elijah

And for our listeners. Is inndica a physical place. Is it a platform? What exactly is it?

[00:07:20.870] - Monique

Ultimately, indica is a state of mind, but in its current iteration, it's a platform. It's an online platform

for people to discover cannabis hotels, consumption lounges, venues and activities as a place for

lodging, entertainment, and foolish talking. We broke it out into what we felt were the most important

aspects of a trip, which was to stay, gather, play, and explore, right? So we want to feature something

from each of those areas so that people can have an entire experience, a whole experience versus

just parts and pieces of an adventure.

[00:08:05.970] - Rick

We started this indicate journey a number of years ago when all of this was kind of coming into the

realm of recreation and there wasn't a lot of information out there, places that you could go, stay that

were cannabis friendly. They were far and few in between. Sometimes you see a little article here and

there, but for the most part, these were little kind of separate satellites just floating around trying to

figure things out. So we wanted to really bring together something so that these places had a home to

reside in, so that folks could find out more about where to go to stay, gather, play, and explore in the

cannabis travel and tourism realm.

[00:08:49.820] - Monique

Yeah, so currently we're an online platform, and ultimately our goal eventually would be to have a

physical space for folks, whether it's a gathering space or an accommodation. I have a pretty broad

vision in my mind that I am trying to bring to life. And so everything that we've done up to this point is

just taking steps towards that to realizing that vision.

[00:09:15.770] - Elijah

And what exactly is that vision? If you could clarify that a little bit, what do you see this becoming for

you all and for the community?

[00:09:25.310] - Monique

For the community, we hope that this will become a place for people to come to share their

experiences and to also to plan out new adventures. The whole point of this is for information, right?

It's for you to find out where you're going to go, what activities you're going to indulge in, what

dispensaries are nearby you, what's the legal landscape and the place that you're visiting. So we really

want it to be a place that is a trusted advisor to the cannabis traveler, to the canecurious, all the way

up to the enthusiast, right? So that they know that they can find the experience that they need to have,

they can find the resources that they need to have, and they can have a safe and legal experience in

the state, whichever state that may be. Right now we have properties and activities listed in most of

the recreationally legal states. And as more and more states get their regulations, set up, we're going

to have more activity in that realm. So future wise yeah, we see this as really an essential tool and

resource for the cannabis traveler and then ultimately for a space. There's a vision that I've had in my

mind for a long time of a place where everyone is assured of welcome.

[00:10:43.990] - Monique

I think especially coming out of COVID gathering together has become so much more vital and

important to us and we're doing it in a more meaningful way. And so I think it's important that we

create a space where everyone is welcome, where all ideas are welcome, where all backgrounds are

welcome, where all experience levels are welcome. And so ultimately, I have this vision in my mind of

a place where people come together to think, to plan, to share ideas, to grow and to celebrate.

Obviously, we all still want to have fun too, so it's not all serious. Right? So that's my ultimate vision

for a place. But in the meantime, Indica as a platform, is available for everyone to start

building their own vision.

[00:11:33.910] - Elijah

I apologize. I can't remember the name of it, but it reminds me of a series of travel guides that I know

are out there. They do them for each country in different areas, sort of like a travel guide, but it

reminds me of that a lot. I don't think it's Forbidden Planet, but you might be able to help me.

[00:11:50.620] - Monique

Yeah, I think I know. Yeah. There's Lonely Planet.

[00:11:53.510] - Elijah

There's Lonely Planet.

[00:11:55.330] - Monique

Yeah. And then Atlas Obscure does some really great stuff too, with trip itineraries and planning

things out. So those are great resources. I love that stuff.

[00:12:04.350] - Elijah

Yeah, well, that's what it's reminding me of. Just it happens to be 420 friendly.

[00:12:10.040] - Monique

Yeah, exactly.

[00:12:12.690] - Elijah

And as you're moving into different spaces, are you seeing any challenges from going from maybe

California focused only to trying to give information in these new areas, or is it just keep the process

going, keeping the energy up, adding new things?

It's a lot of what you just said. With my background in the legal space, I tend to focus on regulations a

lot. So I try to stay up to date on what is happening in the regulatory landscape in the different states

as they come on board. One thing, as providers of this type of platform, we all have to be aware of

and keep up to date with what the regulations are in the particular states. So for us, what that means

for us is that we focus on states with a recreationally legal program or adult use program, however

they're defining it. We also tend to focus our listings only on actual hotels versus standalone vacation

rentals. There's a great resource out there, though, for people who are interested in more airbnb style

rentals called Bud and Breakfast, and they're out of Colorado, and they do a really great job of

featuring unique spaces, unique places to stay that sort of thing. So for us on our side, we stayed with

the hotels and with Cannabis Lounges as they become licensed. So it's all just a matter of staying up

to date on the regulations, scheduling in education for yourself, and really making sure that we are

active parts of the community as well and that we're advocating and that we are doing our part to

forward the conversation about cannabis and cannabis normalization.

[00:14:00.230] - Elijah

And you all talked a little bit about making sure you're up to date on the regulations and different

things like that. Did you all personally vet the different locations that you have on the website first or

is it community posted or how does someone get listed on there?

[00:14:18.830] - Monique

It's both. I think the initial listings that we had were things that we personally vetted ourselves and

visited properties, visited with people, spoke with people to get the ball rolling. But ultimately we want

to build this community. So we have left it open for people to add properties, to add listings. This is

about sharing your impressions of places. Sharing more than just a review though, right? It's about

really sharing what your experience was there at this place. And so our form is open so that people

can post other properties. And we are obviously on the back end, we vet those as they come through

to make sure that there's nothing untoward going on, for lack of a better phrase.

[00:15:06.170] - Elijah

No, that's a perfect one because that is something you have to check up on, unfortunately. And having

a trusted resource is part of that.

[00:15:13.710] - Monique

Yeah. So for any of our lounge listings and anything that is licensed by the state, we do require your

license number. And then we do some due diligence on our end just to make sure that licenses are

valid and are assigned to the property and or space that they are attached to.

[00:15:33.410] - Rick

And then if someone passes all the checks, they get a nice little indicate approved seal of approval

they can put in their window just like AAA and stuff like that. And you can just walk up to the property

and see that it's a safe, added place.

[00:15:49.590] - Elijah

And this might be different for each of you, but favorite or favorite places that you all have visited that

are on your list that people can also go and see so far.

[00:16:01.930] - Monique

So for me, my favorite is actually a place that I have not physically been to yet. I've spoken with the

innkeepers numerous times. I've virtually visited their property and I have to say it's absolutely

stunning. And it's a place called Mine Plus Farm Inn up in the Russian River area of California. Up

north. And they just really have a beautiful aesthetic. They really crafted and curated a welcoming

place for everyone. They have great farm to table dinner events. They've really just gone above and

beyond. They've taken it to the next level for the experience. That a guest will have. So mine and farm

inn is my favorite.

[00:16:44.670] - Rick

Yeah, I'd have to say one of the first property that we listed on indica was desert hot springs inn in

desert hot springs, California. And I got to say that just has a special place in my heart because we've

spent a number of times with that group over there, and it's just a small little boutique hotel. I think it's

like eight rooms. It's got an amazing spring fed pool and spring fed hot spring fed hot tub. So you're

just lounging in some amazing healing waters right there, and they're in the desert. So you have that

whole desert vibe going for it, and they're super sweet folks. So, yeah, I'd say desert hot springs in is

my favorite place.

[00:17:30.230] - Monique

But I think as the cannabis tourism space evolves and as more people see how they can really elevate

their businesses, really add some streams of income to their and revenue sources, I think we're going

to see more and more impressive properties coming on board with cannabis and becoming cannabis

friendly, it's becoming more mainstream and accepted. And also as consumption methods have

changed and more things become available, it's a lot easier to be cannabis friendly nowadays than it

was back in 2016, 2017. So I think it's just a wide open space right now.

[00:18:10.790] - Elijah

And you talk about things changing, are you finding that people gravitate more towards a type of

experience, or people are looking for different experience? Or what do people typically look for when

they do look on your website or do go to a location?

[00:18:28.730] - Monique

I've seen lately the trend is more towards less towards accommodations and more towards gathering

spaces and things to do with a lot of the new lounges that are coming out in California, Nevada, New

York, those places. There's a lot of excitement being generated around being able to gather again,

right, to get together face to face, share a smoke, share a story, and really just have a good time

together. So I'm definitely seeing a lot of interest right now in gathering spaces, consumption lounges,

and then the events that are tied to them. So people want activities and they want to get together


[00:19:08.260] - Rick

Yeah, we've seen a number of interesting events. We've been to a lot of cannabis events and

gatherings and stuff. And recently we've seen some really interesting ones pop up. In Los Angeles in

particular, there's a regular event every Sunday night going on on the rooftop of the Monte blonde

theater in Hollywood called cannabis and movies night. And it's essentially just the entire rooftop of

this theater, which is beautiful. And they've got an outdoor screen. They show the movies they have

for an entry fee, think a membership fee, they call it. You've got access to food truck vendors, to

drinks, to a dab bar. There's a number of brands that sponsor each movie night. So you have different

brands showing their wares and it's just a really unique experience of bringing folks to something that

we already love to do. Go see a drive in movie or just see a movie in general. But to be able to have

the ability to enjoy your cannabis at the same time is just fantastic. So I think the uniqueness of

events are starting to really come alive, and that's an exciting component. The experiential event side

is really an interesting space.

[00:20:26.530] - Elijah

Up and smoke a little more fun when you're bumpy.

[00:20:29.590] - Monique


[00:20:30.770] - Rick

There you go completely.

[00:20:33.650] - Elijah

Say someone's looking to open up an event space or maybe looking to open up a lodging experience.

That's 420 friendly. What are some of the things that you maybe would advise them or say that this

would be good advice? If you're looking to do that, I.

[00:20:49.700] - Monique

Think the first thing is to educate yourself, right? To know what the regulations are in your state, know

what kind of activities you are allowed to do and what you cannot do. What things require a license.

And it's more than just a cannabis license, right? A lot of times people forget that you have other

certifications that you need for food service, restaurant operations, that sort of thing. You have

business license requirements, insurance requirements, all of that stuff. So educate yourself on

what's required to operate your business from the minute you turn on the lights till the minute you

lock the door. Second to that, I would say use the resources that have already been created for you.

Right. There's a great organization called the cannabis Travel Association International, and they're a

business group of all of the cannabis hospitality businesses. For instance, they're having their

cannabis travel world fair next week. February the date I think the Monique.

[00:21:50.270] - Rick

Will be speaking on it.

[00:21:51.130] - Monique

Yes, I'm speaking, and I don't have my date in front of me. I'm terrible at this. It's on February 7

through the 8th, and it's a virtual cannabis travel summit. So things like that, these associations, these

groups, and just reaching out to other people in the same space as you, right? These roads are being

paved by people who have been doing this for a while. So maybe just reach out and say, hey, do you

have any advice that you can share for me in this space that I'm trying to occupy?

[00:22:22.720] - Rick

Collaboration is key.

[00:22:24.020] - Monique

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we're still growing and it's still very new, and it is about collaboration versus


[00:22:31.750] - Elijah

And are there any sort of experiences or concepts? You don't have to mention names on this one, but

just ideas that you've seen, not pan out or reasons why people may have gone in with the best of

intentions, but certain practical things that made it not possible.

[00:22:49.710] - Monique

Yeah, absolutely. I think especially here in California, the main thing was the cannabis bus tours right

out the gate. Everyone thought that this would be a viable option to have consumption and to have a

safe ride to and from and to take cannabis tours. Well it turns out you're not allowed to smoke on a

bus, so that got the kabash right away. There's been a couple of other types of things. In particular,

California's regulations are pretty strict about all cannabis activities, including events and

consumption events. So I think that made things not impossible but just slightly more difficult for

people here in California. And I think we're seeing that echoed across the country as things are rolled

out. Usually social consumption is the last thing they consider when they're drafting their regulations.

At the state levels. They're mostly concerned about what they're going to get tax revenue from. So

social consumption is usually shoved aside till the last or till the end. And that's what happened here

in California. It's happened in many states. And I think going forward though, we're going to see more

attention on that side and hopefully we'll see more reasonable regulations get developed for that.

[00:28:19.570] - Elijah

And if you hadn't, the advice for legislators in particular, or people that work with regulations. If you all

had a wish list of things that you could have changed, kind of like maybe you're talking about being

able to do the bus tours, what would you ask for to make it easier for cannabis tourism and for

cannabis experiences?

[00:28:41.710] - Monique

I think the current trend towards requiring special licensing for cannabis events and activities is the

wrong move for a lot of legislators, because what they're doing is they're applying the same model to

cannabis events as they did to cannabis cultivation and commercial cannabis activities. The issue is,

though, a hotel is not a retail establishment like a dispensary. So it's not the same amount of revenue

going through. It's not the same turnover. It's not the same even safety concerns. And so applying

those regulations strictly across the board to cannabis events and hospitality, it's incorrect. We've

already regulated. So instead of layering more and more regulations on us and tying our hands so that

we can't do anything, they should look at the fact that these are adult use regulations. These are adult

use products and treat them accordingly. We don't restrict alcohol the same way. We don't restrict

tobacco the same way. I mean, it's gotten to the point where it's quite ridiculous, actually. It's just like

a tax grab at this point. So I think if going forward, if regulators could really think through this process,

we've given people the right to purchase cannabis. We've given people the right to grow and consume


[00:30:04.020] - Monique

And what we have not done is given them a place to do it safely. And so that's what's missing. And I

think that should be addressed soon, hopefully.

[00:30:13.460] - Rick

Yes. It's kind of wild to think that we're seeing such a wave of amazingness happening, but with all of

that stuff that's being passed and regulations being created, they're allowing everything except for

where you can consume. It's difficult.

[00:30:30.320] - Monique

Yeah. I mean, for example, a proper event with a city license and insurance should be sufficient for a

cannabis event, a cannabis consumption event, if you're not having retail sales. But instead they want

you to have an event license at the state level, then an actual event per event license when you do the

event. Plus then you need city permission and it just goes on and on and on. And they've just made it

so difficult to be creative and so difficult to gather. And I would like to see that change in the future.

[00:31:06.910] - Rick

In addition to that, having all these restrictions brings out some additional levels of creativity, that's

for sure.

[00:31:14.430] - Monique

Yeah, you have to be innovative.

[00:31:16.830] - Rick


[00:31:18.530] - Elijah

And what are some ways that people have been innovative? Just as some examples of what people

are doing to get around some of these things?

[00:31:26.850] - Monique

Well, so not necessarily to get around them, but I think one thing I've seen is I've seen event planners

actually take on the burden of creating their own physical space to start hosting events because then

it becomes more manageable when you talk about the event license requirements and tax, insurance,

all that stuff. So by taking on and developing their own spaces to host events, then they're able to

have different revenue streams. And brand partnerships, for instance, are really big right now too. So I

think as we go, things will start to smooth out, but it's just all growing pains, right?

[00:32:08.270] - Elijah

Absolutely. And I'm not sure if both of you, or maybe Rick, you could talk to this a little bit, but talking

about challenges, are you all finding any challenges in getting the word out about indica or being able

to advertise or be in the media and let people on that you have this resource?

[00:32:27.990] - Rick

Yeah, that's been a big challenge. The regulations around advertising and marketing for cannabis are

really restrictive. So talk about stepping up your creativity. It's an area that you have to figure out how

to navigate these realms. And it took some time, but we've been able to really figure a lot of things

out. I mean, on our social media, it's difficult. You can't mention you can't hashtag cannabis, you can't

have cannabis, marijuana, whatever term you're using, you can't have that in your post. So finding

ways around that, finding new words to use, a lot of green, lot of herb type of combinations has

helped, but it's still really restrictive. Honestly. In cannabis marketing, one of the only avenues you

have for advertising is through the package itself, sitting on the shelf. Any other area, you're limited

and you are risking getting your ads or whatever pulled down. So it is challenging, but again, it just

pushes us to figure out ways to connect to the people and it's.

[00:33:41.540] - Elijah


[00:33:44.350] - Rick

Put its challenges to us. But like I said, we found some ways. We have all of our social media going.

LinkedIn is a great place for certain things. I know it's a business oriented site, but they do allow a lot

of cannabis content on there, which is nice, so we're able to make some pushes through there. Media

is great. A lot. Of publications will pick up information and share information about what's going on.

And we've been fortunate to be included in a number of publications, large and small, that all have

their own audience that get to see us through those methods. But, yeah, it's challenging. I mean, that's

one of the things to talk about the legislators about is just loosening up some of these advertising

restrictions and allowing us cannabis companies some more means of promoting our service.

[00:34:38.670] - Elijah

And you all talked a little bit about brand partnerships, but have any of these locations found

difficulties in finding actual product or finding actual cannabis or cannabis products for the event

itself, even separate from running the event?

[00:34:59.990] - Monique

I don't think that's been much of a hindrance in the licensed marketplace. When they have the

cannabis event license, there's a set up that they have for if you're going to allow retail sales and

whatnot. But for the most part, I don't think access to cannabis is ever going to be the issue. It's going

to be about social consumption being permitted, period. It's great, too, because a lot of the brands

nowadays are almost everybody has a non THC line. So from a hotel perspective, from a lodging

perspective, it's a great way to feature brands and partner with brands without getting sideways of

any retail regulations for cannabis use in sales.

[00:35:52.150] - Rick

Yeah, one thing we had talked with Dinner Hot Springs in particular, but other properties are about

having some of the brands that were associated with or brands that they dig and using, to Monique's

point, their CBD line, their hemp based lines, products on the pillow at night. Instead of a little regular

chocolate that you might get, if you're lucky, you get a chocolate. But a nice little CBD infused

chocolate on the pillow at night would be just an amazing little touch and introduce folks that might

have never seen that particular product or even what that is, introduce them to that realm in an

interesting way.

[00:36:37.190] - Elijah

And say, you're looking ten years, 20 years in the future. How do you see this curving? How do you see

this trajectory for the cannabis travel space evolving?

[00:36:49.210] - Monique

Honestly, I think once the new wear is off, it's going to be about curating wellness and lifestyle

experiences that incorporate cannabis so that it is just a part of the destination experience versus the

experience itself. So we always like to say that cannabis is supposed to be a conversation starter. It's

not supposed to be the conversation. So ultimately, what I would like to see is that it's seamlessly

integrated into the experience and available for somebody who wants it. If I can go to a hotel and

order room service and get a martini and piece of fish, then I should be able to dial down to room

service and get a joint and a piece of fish or get a THC cocktail and a piece of fish. And so ultimately, I

think ten years down the road. That's what it's going to be about. It's going to be about seamlessly

integrating this into the experience for the traveler. And then you'll also have places that are solely

focused on a mindful and wellness type experience that will take it to the next level with these plant

medicines and other things that we have available to us, where you can take a cooking class on site

and then experience a spa massage that incorporates the plant medicines.

[00:38:11.840] - Monique

And then again, a fine dining experience. So I think all of this is taking us steps towards elevating this


[00:38:19.060] - Elijah

Across the board for everyone 100% and talking about having it on supply for the hotel. I know Scotia

Lodge locally just started doing a Dispensary delivery where you can order from the local Dispensary

and they'll bring it right to your room.

[00:38:36.970] - Monique

Yeah. And that's beautiful. It's perfect. Desert Hot Springs in has partnered with a delivery service,

mine and Farm Inn has partnered with them. And that's really the way for I think that's how these

hospitality businesses are going to succeed is by pulling in the parts of the experience for their guests

and partnering up with delivery services and making that available to them. Because a traveler from

out of state doesn't know where to go. They don't know what store to go to, they don't know what

brands to buy, that sort of thing. So the hospitality side really is kind of the gateway to the cannabis

experience, and so it's incumbent on them to make sure that they are presenting the best face


[00:39:25.900] - Rick

Yeah, I think that's a great point, is that the hospitality realm really opens the doors for the kind of

curious the folks that might be afraid to go do a Dispensary might even be afraid to go online and look

at what's available, right. If you're in a comfortable area, if you're in a beautiful hotel or a beautiful

resort or inn or something, and there's a menu that's set up for you to order some cannabis, that is a

much more inviting way and introduction to the plant or to plant medicines in general. So, yeah, I think

hospitality and events and experiential based things like that are going to be a huge component to

normalizing this and allowing so many folks that are curious about it, or maybe even not curious

about it, to just at least learn a little bit more about it and maybe in the meantime experience it.

[00:40:21.390] - Monique

Yeah, I think it's definitely about demystifying it, right? It's about normalizing this and demystifying it

so that it's not the big bad anymore. It's not something scary. It's your neighbor who is using

cannabis, your dentist is using cannabis, your school teachers are using cannabis, and it's about time

that we stop hiding it and start talking about ways that it can be incorporated into a lifestyle that is

not actually beneficial to you and that can be helpful and can be enjoyable. It's high next door. I'm

your neighbor. I'm high next door right now. I'm high next door.

[00:41:06.270] - Elijah

And do you all maybe have any sort of insights into how you might package or present cannabis

products on a retail shelf versus in the hospitality space, if any difference at all?

[00:41:23.010] - Rick

I think in the hospitality space, we would be presenting it more in a gift dish type fashion, potentially a

basket of products that you can purchase, like the whole basket, instead of going to the Dispensary,

just picking out product well.

[00:41:43.210] - Monique

And also in the hospitality context, it's more of like a luxury item that you're making available to your

guest versus a Dispensary that's going to have the full range of low end to high end products, right?

So in the hotel environment, it would be a very highly curated menu of things that brands and whatnot

that I think, help elevate their stay. And so instead of 7000 selections, you'll get a curated listing of

seven selections. Things that are easy to transport, single use devices, single joints, that sort of thing.

So instead of selling a pack of joints, you're going to sell one joint, that sort of thing. I think that's

definitely going to be the difference because it's going to be single use, single experience type

products versus something that you're not going to carry on an ounce to a hotel, right, because you're

only going to be there for two days.

[00:42:40.510] - Rick

Yeah. And I think that kind of curation really adds to the experience that that particular property wants

to bring. Because they can look at the cultivars, they can look at the products into Boni's Point, curate

a list that makes sense for that experience. Maybe it's a relaxed experience, maybe it's an energetic

experience that you're going for, but they can really bring a really interesting curated mix of products

to those travelers to enhance that particular experience, that particular stay.

[00:43:19.030] - Elijah

And you mentioned Indica and about your social media accounts a little bit. How can people find you

and your services and Indica?

[00:43:28.730] - Monique

Okay, so you can find us and that's in with two ends,, and then we're

on all of the social media channels as Indica 420, again with two ends. And it's interesting, the social

media thing is we tend not to focus that much on content creation right now because it is kind of a

losing proposition with Instagram the way it is with all of their restrictions. So we just try to share

some interesting travel tidbits, share trip information when we're out and about and that sort of thing.

But the real deal is, and that's where you can go and start to discover places to stay,

places for consumption, lounges. And the more people that use it, the more that they share their

experiences, the better the experience will be for the next traveler.

[00:44:20.690] - Rick

And there's some useful information on Indica. We put together some great content pieces on there

some articles and such to give a little more insight. So, yeah, it's a fun place to hang out.

[00:44:35.390] - Elijah

And before I let you all go, was there anything that you all wanted to talk about or upcoming projects

or announcements that might be happening?

[00:44:44.370] - Monique

No big announcements, just the Cannabis Travel Association Cannabis Travel World Fair coming up

next week where they're going to have speakers from all different countries and across the board for

different types of hospitality businesses. And so I think that's the biggest thing upcoming. And then I

think just having people stay aware, just check out what's around you. Right. There's so much going

on right now, and there's so many different ways that we can experience cannabis, that we can share

our stories together and that we can really start to build this community up again and we can gather

together again. So I think just go out there.

[00:45:23.500] - Elijah

And have some fun, for sure. Rick, Monique, thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it. It was

really good talking to you.

[00:45:32.980] - Monique

Thank you so much. And I hope we get to come out to your Bluegrass State soon and experience

some things.

[00:45:38.390] - Elijah

There 100%. We're going to have to do some tours. It might not be legal, but there's definitely sources.

Absolutely what we're looking forward to it.

Absolutely. Thank you, elijah, thank you so much for having us.

[00:45:54.090] - Elijah

Our song this week was Grass Holes by Bear grass thunder. If you're a band that would like to play

your country or bluegrass song on the podcast, send it on over. We're taking submissions now and

we'll be featuring one song per episode. If you haven't yet, make sure to subscribe on YouTube,

Spotify, itunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you'd like to stay up to date with news, merch

and more, make sure to follow us on Instagram at bluegrass, underscore Cannabis TikTok at

bluegrasscannabis, twitter at bluegrasscana. Thank you so much for listening and stay safe. The

bluegrass podcast, old fashioned, all natural. Kentucky bluegrass.


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