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Bluegrass Cannabis Cleans Up with Beargrass Thunder

This past week, Bluegrass Cannabis got the chance to help clean up Beargrass Creek in Louisville Kentucky at the monthly cleanup hosted by Beargrass Thunder!

Since June, there has been the removal of a dozen shopping carts, over 20 tires, and countless bags of trash and recycling. Not to mention a whole futon!

Spearheaded by Jody Dahmer of Beargrass Thunder, the cleanup also included the planting of trees, natural grasses, and wildflowers! Not to mention the removal of invasive species!

If you’d like to join in on the next cleanup, it will be Saturday July 22 from 2pm to 6pm, at 1800 Nightingale Rd.

Check out Bluegrass Thunder at to see their Nursery, efforts to support Urban agriculture and community gardens, as well as great tips on Kentucky Native Plants.


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