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Bluegrass Cannabis Attends Hempstock 2023 in Raywick Kentucky

Saturday, Bluegrass Cannabis attended Hempstock 2023 at the Bickett Farm, and by Bickett and Boone CBD.

It was a great time with tons of bands, vendors, and more! Nonprofit groups were also in attendance from KY NORML, Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition, and more! Not to mention lots of Craft Vendors and Cornbread Mafia Legends!

Bluegrass Cannabis set up with our printed Shirts, Embroidered Hats, New Rolling Trays, and more! Not to mention meeting tons of great new folks and spreading the word on the podcast, plus handing out some stickers!

We had a great time getting to meet different guests from the Podcast in person as well, as well as new fans of the podcast!

At the festival, Bluegrass Cannabis talked about Kentucky Cannabis, upcoming licensing, and got to spread the word about new Kentucky Cannabis products from Bluegrass Cannabis!

Owner, Elijah Rosenbaum, was also interviewed by a Camera Crew on scene for an upcoming documentary on the Cornbread Mafia. We’ll have to see if the footage is used!


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