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Bluegrass Cannabis at Fancy Farm '23

This past weekend, Bluegrass Cannabis attended the annual Fancy Farm Picnic in St James Kentucky. Alongside Kentucky Moms For Medical Cannabis advocating for further legalization and protection for patients, as well as more conditions to be added, Bluegrass Cannabis spoke with the crowd, and officials to try and change the conversation around cannabis.

While an early thunderstorm put a damper on the beginning of the day, by lunchtime, the barbeque and crowd were both in full swing. Kentucky Moms for MMJ also sold tickets for a raffle basket, sold tshirts, and handed out resources to patients.

There were also new Bluegrass Cannabis Ball Caps and Tshirts to show off!

If you’d like to catch us at the next event, we’ll be at Hempstock in Raywick Kentucky Next Month September 9th! Stop by the festival and say hello!


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