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Kentucky State Medical Cannabis Program Jobs Posted

The state of Kentucky has officially begun posting jobs for positions within the new Medical Cannabis Program! If you'd like to be involved and become a state employee that will shape the future of Kentucky Cannabis Policy, check out one of the positions below! More updated as they appear!

Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program Jobs
Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program

Look at the descriptions, and maybe one of them applies to you! Join the team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program today and help make Kentucky Cannabis the best it can be!

You can find them on the KY Medcan Website:

Keep it tuned here as more jobs are posted in the Kentucky Cannabis space!

If you'd like to support us keeping the community up to date on all things cannabis, stop by the store and grab a shirt, hat, sticker, or rolling tray! We appreciate it and it helps us bring you the very latest in Kentucky Cannabis News! Bluegrass Cannabis is committed to making sure our community is informed and up to date, help us continue that today!


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