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Kentucky Legalizes Medical Cannabis for 2025

Today the Kentucky House of Representatives, voted to legalize medical cannabis for the first time, making it more likely than ever that medical cannabis will be a reality in Kentucky!

By a 66 to 33 Vote, with one abstention, the body chose to pass the bill, already having passed in the senate, and now all that's left is for the Governor to sign. Governor Andy Beshear is expected to sign the measure, as he already had issued an executive order helping medical patients earlier this year.

Bluegrass Cannabis was on hand and witnessed it first, from the good seats in the gallery! It's been wonderful

This victory comes after many long years of fighting, from a countless list of individuals, civic organizations, patient advocates, and more. The legislation if signed, would not legalize cannabis until 2025 for Kentucky.

An incredible step forward, advocates say they'll be back in Frankfort next year ready to talk amendments!

We'll be back ready to talk 1 Acre Direct to Consumer Small Farms, Home Grows for All Kentuckians, and Caregiver Grows for Patients. Let's maximize the benefits of the cannabis plant for Kentuckians. Kentucky Cannabis, Grown by Kentuckians, For Kentuckians, in Kentucky Sun.


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