What are the biggest issues around Kentucky Cannabis?

That’s what we’re looking to find out!


The Bluegrass Podcast is built to advocate for Kentuckians,

and for the best legislation to support Kentuckians.

In Kentucky Cannabis Legislation we want to see:


  • Pardon all Non-Violent Cannabis offenders in Kentucky, as well as have their records expunged, while also providing the support and resources to leave prison and re-enter their lives.


  • Home Grow for all Kentuckians up to 25 plants.


  • Direct to consumer cultivation, processing, distribution, and sales for small and regional farms up to 2 acres.


  • Transparent licensing and distribution of tax revenue from the state of Kentucky back to the people of Kentucky.


At Bluegrass Cannabis, we want Kentucky Cannabis, grown by Kentuckians, for Kentuckians, in Kentucky. 


From California to Illinois, corporate cannabis has gotten a more than generous piece of the pie, and we’re here to make sure that the rules are written evenly for Kentucky Communities. 


Whether that’s how tax dollars should be reinvested in small Kentucky farmers and communities, how licensing for small farms should be low cost and unlimited to allow anyone entrance into the industry, to grants and equity for disadvantaged Kentucky communities.


We hope that you share our vision for Kentucky Cannabis, and how we can create a better Kentucky Cannabis Community, and make sure that anyone has access to Cannabis, and the opportunities it brings.

Old Fashioned,
All Natural,
Kentucky Bluegrass