Here at the Podcast we have three goals:

  • Educate Listeners with content about the highest quality,

sustainably grown cannabis practices at home and in industry

  • Advocate for cannabis legislation in Kentucky and Federally, that helps people practically.

Our first step is to secure home grow as a right both for Kentuckians, and Federally.

  • Advocate for support and open licensing for small and craft farmers in Kentucky to promote

the quality of cannabis you only find in a craft industry

Home Grow, Small Farm Licenses, and Tax Transparency:

Home Grow as a right for all Kentuckians with 15 plants allowed to any Kentuckian,

as a matter of individual agency in healthcare, economically, and as an Individual Right.

Transparency in the licensing and taxation of cannabis to ensure that tax dollars from Cannabis are reinvested into Kentuckians, and the state of Kentucky. From Florida, to Illinois, and beyond we've seen a flood of corruption in cannbis licensing. We want to see Frankfort be up front about who's really profiting from Cannabis Legalization.

Opening communication in a community of Kentucky Cannabis growers, users, and sellers, so that not just mass quantities of Kentucky Cannabis, but the Highest Quality Kentucky Cannabis, can be reintroduced to the world. 

How do we achieve those goals and why do they matter?


With a combination of Interviews, Reviews, and interesting tidbits we find on our journey towards better cannabis, The Bluegrass Podcast is looking to serve up some Old Fashioned, All Natural, Kentucky Bluegrass, and change the conversation around cannabis for the better. Through conversation, we want to find the best answers to what makes the best cannabis legislation possible for Kentuckians.

Don't guess where we stop yet, we're not just looking for the highest quality cannabis, but also the highest quality  individuals and musicians in advocacy and music, especially bluegrass, to try and spread the word about great projects across Kentucky, Appalachia, and wherever we happen to be. Cannabis touches an infinite number of other worlds, and we want to appreciate the diversity of places cannabis interacts with too! Not just what the plant does, but who and why it has the impact it does in our culture.


We believe a strong Kentucky Cannabis industry for small and medium farmers is to build bridges with farmers across the United States and World. 


We want to use the podcast to work towards a better future for Kentuckians using cannabis in the best possibly ways. Namely, allowing home growing, using it as an economic driver for local, small, and regional businesses, Kentucky owned, focused on restoring Kentucky's Natural bounty to her, as well as a way to work our way out of a crippling opioid and drug epidemic that has impacted every Kentuckian without exception. No-one in the state of Kentucky, doesn't know a family member or friend lost to substance and drug abuse. Cannabis, while not consequence free, is one of the best means we have have at our disposal of working our way out of this horror that we find ourselves in.

Activating through Legislation

How do we change Kentucky Cannabis for a better Future?

A 15 Plant Right for all Kentuckians to grow cannabis for personal use.

Transparency in Licensing and Taxation of Cannabis in Kentucky, as well as where those taxes go.

And a commitment to making practical legislation that actually benefits Kentucky Owned, small and medium farms first.

We hope that in listening, whether Kentuckian or not, you're able to find valuable information for your garden,

a little bit of distraction and amusement with some good music and conversation,

and inspiration so that we can push towards this future with you.

Thank you for helping us put the Grass, Back in the Bluegrass,


                                                                                 -The Bluegrass Podcast